In a bid to further expand its global presence, San Miguel partnered with licensed importers and wholesale traders in Myanmar, Iraq and a host of countries in Africa.

San Miguel Brewing International Ltd. brings in San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light and Red Horse in Myanmar, providing San Miguel access to the country’s rapidly growing beer industry and further increase San Miguel’s exposure in the Indo-China region.

Meanwhile, a Cyprus-based importer collaborates with San Miguel for the distribution of Red Horse in Iraq. This milestone is an opportunity for San Miguel to further drive its expansion in Middle East, particularly in Iraq, which is one of the promising economies in Middle East.

In Africa, San Miguel beers are now available in more markets. In particular, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light and Red Horse are now exported to Liberia, Kenya, Djibouti, Egypt and Tuvalu. Meanwhile, San Miguel Pilsen and San Miguel Light are now sold in Lithuania.  Entry to these areas will allow San Miguel to capitalize on Africa’s massive potential consumer market.